Oriental Bicolour Group - Supporting & Promoting Oriental Bicolour Cats in the UK
Adult Cats Needing Homes
 We are not aware of any Bicolours needing homes at present but if you would like to offer a home to a "rescue" oriental or siamese cat please contact:
Siamese Cat Club Welfare Trust
Oriental Cat Association
Please note that both of these organisations will require a donation
to be made when adopting a cat.
This donation goes some way towards the care that that individual cat has received and help to support their future work.
Many cats require extensive veterinary treatment when they arrive in rescue facilities, some need long periods of time to assess behaviour and some have such serious health or behavioural problems that they can never be adopted and must stay with the foster home forever - all of this is funded from the donations made by adopters, by the generosity of members and supporters, and not least by the personal sacrifices made by the wonderful people who run it on a day to day basis. There are no "salaried staff"
Without these donations the future of these cats would be unthinkable.
 Useful Links
Governing Council of The Cat Fancy  The largest UK cat registry. Details of how to show and register your cats.
The Supreme Show The GCCF Annual Show for winning cats. Held in November each year and open to the public to visit.

Hepatic Amyloidosis Study A disease which affects many siamese & oriental cats. A project is being undertaken by UC Davis in the USA. Please help if you can.