Who Are We?

The Group was formed in January 2004 to promote the breeding of this new and exciting variety of Oriental cats in the UK. The Group gained Affiliation to the GCCF in October 2007.

The first import was an American bred male

Tassam Tom of Landican (left)

a black & white owned by Sarah Johnson & Pat Norman

who arrived on 18th February 2004.

The breed gained its GCCF Preliminary Recognition in February 2006, received its promotion to Provisional Status effective from June 2008 and made its final progression to Championship Status in June 2010. Since the early days of recognition, the breed have gone from strength to strength, achieving it's progression faster than any other breed.

The first Merit Winner and Qualifier was

Landican Bispecial Order (48e/OSH f 03)

The first title winner was

Pr Mazpahs Rebel Roy (48b/OSH b 03)

The first Champion, Grand Champion and Imperial Grand Champion was

Gr Ch Inlay Joop van Scalindjo (48/OSH n 03)

The first Olympian Title winner was

OB Imp Gr Pr Johpas From Russia With Love (OSH n 03 33)

The Group provides advice and support for exhibitors, breeders and pet owners who wish to become involved in this breed and to this end maintains a stud list and kitten list.

Hot Topics!

Latest Amyloidosis Research Update

New information has now been published by the team of researchers in Italy, USA and France. We are a little nearer to understanding the disease but they need more samples. Please read this article, because even if you think you have not encountered this problem yet, sadly there is every chance that you will...

Click here and then press the button labelled "download" under the heading "Poster_Isag Final.ppx"

It goes without saying that if you have experienced sudden death of your cats at a young age (6mths to 3yrs) which is unexplained, as hard as it may be it recommended that you do invest in post mortem testing including Congo Red Stain, which is the only test that confirms whether amyloid protein is present in the kidneys or liver. Please also consider sending DNA samples and pedigrees of the affected cat, although with any information about siblings, ancestors and offspring (whether healthy and alive or not) to one of the research bases.

This is a MASSIVE deal for all breeders, and we need to do something quickly before it is too late...

Good news! Variant may now be shown and registered with GCCF

Following the adoption of the revised Registration Policy, non-white oriental offspring of Bicolour parent(s) are now registered as Oriental SH/LH or Siamese/Balinese and may compete in the appropriate breed classes classes.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This has become quite a hot topic in the oriental world. Please see the notes on the following page at the foot of the Registration Policy for the Group's advice on what to do now. We do encourage all breeders to test their breeding cats. It is a definitive DNA test so needs only to be done once.

Information on the extent of the problem is being collated by Ann Greatorex and we would encourage breeders to test their cats and forward the results to Ann so that we can better understand how widespread these genes are. Contact Ann at [email protected]

EMS Codes replace Breed Numbers

The Group is delighted to say that the Easy Mind System (EMS) has now been introduced into GCCF . Please do remember that you need to register you kittens in accordance with the levels of white they display - 01 (Van), 02 (Harlequin) or 03 (Bicolour) - please do this as it is important pedigree information for breeding programs. The Group is presently working on a new format for our Standard of Points so that you will all know what the codes are. In the meantime you can seek further information from the GCCF here.

Information and a warning from the GCCF Executive Committee August 2010

The Group have received the following communication from the Chairman:

There has been much debate within the Executive recently on the subject of the registering of kittens from suspended breeders. This debate has centred around the impact of the ruling on people who have unwittingly had a mating or purchased from the suspended breeder. The Executive has in the past judged in favour of accepting the registrations where it seems apparent that a genuine mistake was made through ignorance.

On reflection however this is the only sanction GCCF have for breeders that infringe the rules. In the future the rule will be strictly adhered to and ignorance of the breeder’s status will not be accepted as a reason to allow registrations.

In order that this is clear to all that the use of the services of breeders we are writing to all clubs to ask them to ensure that their advice to people approaching breeders for mating or kitten purchase expressly points out that the register of suspended breeders on the GCCF website is consulted prior to approaching the breeder in order that the cats involved can progress through the registration system without hindrance.

The list of suspended breeders can be located here Please do make sure that you consult these lists PRIOR to purchase of a kitten, use of a stud or acceptance of a queen into your stud.

Kitten list

A list is maintained by Mrs Pina Bruno Grieve There are relatively few breeders at present so you may find that it can be difficult to locate a kitten available at any given moment. Breeders with available kittens are asked to let have details so that the list can be maintained.

Prices of Oriental Bicolour kittens will vary from area to area but should be the same as the price charged for other Orientals (short and longhaired), Siamese or Balinese in the same area. Prices for all these breeds may also vary within an area: all should have been registered and should also have completed their full vaccination course against FIE (Panleucopenia), FVR and FCV ('cat flu'), but some may also have been vaccinated against FeLV (Feline Leukaemia), Chlamydiosis and/or Bordetella (a respiratory infection). They may also have been microchipped and some pet kittens may have been neutered before they are offered for sale. All of these will, of course, make the kitten more expensive than one which has only received its basic vaccinations but, of course, the latter two will save the new owner having to pay for these later on. Do check what the price includes before you buy a kitten.

If you are looking for a kitten for breeding or showing, do check that it has been registered with a bona fide body (GCCF, FIFe, TICA, CFA) and ask to see the pedigree; only those kittens which conform to the Registration Policy will be able to be shown with GCCF. Other kittens may look like Oriental Bicolours but, if incorrectly bred, are not a recognised breed and cannot be shown, nor are they any use for breeding.

Breeding Information

There is some important information that is required to be studied before embarking upon breeding this variety of Oriental. The Breeding and Registration Policy is available on the "Technical Info" page of this site, as are details of the Standard of Points. These should be studied carefully by any potential breeder so as to avoid any possible pitfalls later on. Further advice is always available via our secretary, Liz Fremont.

Where Can I See Bicolours?

Bicolours are shown at GCCF shows up and down the country. You can find a venue near you from this calendar of events at the GCCF Website here

Contact Us

Hon.President: Mrs Sarah Johnson

Chairman: Mr Peter Williams

Hon.Secretary: Mrs Jackie Reed

30 Ballingdon St, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2BT

Tel: 01787 376975 Email: [email protected]

Hon.Treasurer: Mr Craig Dryden

17 Ministry Close, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, NE27 7NF

Membership Secretary & Kitten Register: Mrs Pina Bruno Grieve

11 Glebe Crescent, Athelstaneford, North Berwick, East Lothian, EH39 5BG

Tel: 01620880585 Email: [email protected]

Committee Members: Mrs Pina Bruno Grieve, Mrs Judy Emmens

2018/9 Membership renewal rates are:

£5.00 Single Annual

£7.00 Joint Annual

£50.00 Single Life Membership

£70.00 Joint Life Membership


£1.00 Joining fee per new application

For all new membership enquiries, please contact download the form here and send to the Secretary

Please send membership renewals to the Treasurer.

Renewals are due annually on 1st January

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